Making Your Move Out-Of-State: 9 Tips for a Smooth Move to Your Ideal State

 Moving Out of State

The increase in remote working over the past two years has opened up new opportunities to live in your ideal location. In addition, retirees are thinking more about moving to warmer climates than in years past. Interest rates and the current home buying spree has encouraged many to consider selling now and moving out-of-state.

Here are NINE tips to make your move out-of-state go smoothly.

  1. Use a Realtor with Connections – Select an experienced realtor who has connections in your target ideal location. An experienced realtor who knows you and your preferences and who also has connections in your target location can make it a lot easier for you to find your ideal home in your new location. Your realtor handles the details behind the scenes and knows the process in your new location, and is able to coordinate the home buying and selling processes for you so the process runs more smoothly.
  2. Create Your Wishlist – To expedite the search process, be crystal clear about what you want in your new home. Create a list of what you must have, would like, and what you definitely don’t want in your new home to make your search most effective.
  3. Determine Your Timeline – Work with your realtor to establish a timeline for your home search, buying and selling process, and moving. Houses are selling fast, so timing is critical to this process.
  4. Clean Out and Sell Furniture – Moving to a new home is the ultimate time to clean house. Throw away, donate, or sell any belongings you don’t need. Sell or donate pieces of furniture that won’t fit in your new home will reduce your moving costs and may earn you some cash to apply to your move.
  5. Set Your Budget – Create a budget that includes repairs and fixup costs for your current home to put it on the market, home buying and selling costs, as well as moving expenses.
  6. Attend the Home Inspection – If you can physically attend the home inspection at your new home, it lets you see the issues first-hand so you can make an informed decision about what must be done before you go to settlement.
  7. Work with a Title Company with a National Network – Selecting a title company that operates in your new location and current location will help the title work to be done efficiently and accurately.
  8. Understand Remote Closing Options – The pandemic made remote closing capabilities via Zoom and other virtual meeting software standard practice across the country. Today there’s no need to be physically in your new location on closing day. Check with your realtor to confirm how your closing will be conducted virtually.
  9. Look at Moving Options – Moving out-of-state can be expensive. However, there are alternatives to hiring a large interstate mover to pack and move your belongings for you. Look into freight shippers, portable moving containers you pack yourself, and truck rental possibilities, and free moving boxes, to name just a few. Looking at other options will help you control your move and keep costs within budget.